Happy Eid Day


Happy Eid to my followers who may also Islam. I apologize if there is one word that offends you, either in body or mind. hopefully we all get a blessing during my month of Ramadan in the month of August, amen.

Admin thephbiggestfans and family.

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Mikado and Masaomi cosplaying Pikachu.~


Mikado and Masaomi cosplaying Pikachu.~

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Thanks Followers!

I did not expect, I was really surprised at that time. I just edit the image Kida and Kadota into his pictures contained Quote on the picture as well. I adjust well to the story. from my experience on the blog thephbiggestfans, coloring which is usually my post, the record only up to under 20 notes. but coloring is not as easy to edit pictures with photoscape. but only edit images with photoscape can reach 558 Notes? if so how would I bother to paint a piece of comics?

I think the result like this:

Kadota Kida

And proven in the next post, do not get the same results with this one.

Secondly, I was surprised to learn that before I published the picture, followers only 6 people. but now? rose rapidly to 35 Followers! Thank you very much everybody! I do not know what made you follow my tumblr this .. but to the point, thank you very much!